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If you’ve amassed a fortune – or, even if you just have a modest savings set aside for your family – estate planning is an essential part of preparing for your family’s financial future. If you’re in the process of preparing for the inevitable, Andrew Hodes is the Delray Beach Estate Planning Attorney you can trust.

The process of estate planning is a bit complex. Proper planning for your estate isn’t just about naming the appropriate inheritors in your will. Rather, proper planning involves a sum total of preparations that take all of which you possess – from your car to your home, to your checking and investment accounts – into consideration before appropriate arrangements are made. Estate planning, then, is not just about putting the appropriate names in the appropriate columns in the will. Rather, proper planning is all about accounting for everything that you’re currently responsible for so that your heirs/inheritors are capable of following your wishes down to the letter.

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Andrew earned his JD and his Master of Law in Estate Planning from University of Miami and the main focus of his practice is Estate Planning , Wills, and Trusts. Entrust your estate to an experienced attorney that will work hard on your behalf.

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